Rehabilitation services at Riverview Health & Rehab Center North include both long and short-term services. The therapy that we offer for our patients and residents is second to none, and is firmly rooted in our belief that the goal of therapy must be one of progress, not just maintenance. We believe that the greatest quality of life for our residents is achieved when we are able to provide the highest level of independence for them.

Post-operative orthopedic surgery, stroke recovery, individuals needing cardiac (heart) rehab, and individuals with exacerbations of multiple sclerosis are among those patients that we regularly treat. This unit also serves as a interim for previously hospitalized medical patients whose state of disability requires therapy in order to facilitate a return to independence.

The Rehabilitation staff also meet with and assist long-term care residents, each of whom is evaluated at admission, and at regular intervals afterwards, or when nursing staff who are familiar with the resident feel there are concerns about changes in their capacities. Timely intervention in many cases can have a great impact upon the lives of many, even those with the greatest of limitations. This therapy could postpone the requirement for additional equipment or help needed for a resident to maintain the skills and mobility required to feed and toilet themselves, which are important to support their sense of independence.