Riverview North

Riverview North Health & RehabSituated on a meticulously manicured 11-acre campus adjacent to Grosse Pointe, Riverview Health & Rehab Center North offers short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care with 160 private or semi-private rooms for residents of all ages. All beds are dual-certified by both Medicare and Medicaid, and Riverview North also accepts most other private healthcare insurances and patient-pay.

The aging of America's baby-boomers is a well documented phenomenon, and as our seniors live longer, provision must be made for the long-term care of individuals whether healthy or with complex and chronic healthcare needs. At Riverview North we are focused on meeting this growing need in our community and stand ready to provide a comfortable home for those for those residents who need assistance, including medical therapy for those aged patients who also require sophisticated medical and nursing treatments.
Long-term care residents enjoy bright and comfortable surroundings together with the support of a nurturing staff. All of Riverview North's professionals strive to maintain a "home-like" atmosphere for residents and work to assist each in their assimilation into the Riverview North "family." 

Friendships develop quickly between residents through the recognition of shared interests and participation in a variety of enjoyable activities. These friendships have no boundary with respect to age or background since all long-term care residents commingle readily. Resources exist to support residents in pursuits from recreation, to study and religious observance. And just as each patient soon comes to feel a part of the Riverview North family, so too, are their relatives soon adopted as well. Parties, celebrations, club meetings and other gatherings are all venues for family visitation and the maintenance of those bonds of love so important to each resident.

Riverview North Health & Rehab

We Are Here For You

We strive to help you simplify the numerous health, financial and safety issues, from insurance, medication and care. Our seasoned staff would be glad to facilitate and assist you with all your medical paperwork. We are Medicare and Medicaid Certified and accept several other major insurances.

Geriatric residents making their permanent home here derive great benefits from sharing in the notable medical and rehabilitative resources of Riverview North. Those in need of sophisticated medical therapies can often find all they need right here, avoiding onerous trips to other facilities for care.