Ventilator & Respiratory Care

Providing quality in long-term care is a true challenge. Needing to do the same in rehabilitation and in the care of ventilator-dependent patients might quite naturally be expected to magnify that challenge. Riverview Jefferson is unprecedented in providing the resources and creating the atmosphere and environment that are needed to provide leadership in all three areas.

Hosting one of the largest ventilator units of its kind in Southeast Michigan, Riverview Jefferson fosters the synergy between our various patient care systems that allows us to deliver a level of quality for each that would be hard to achieve for individual services existing on their own. Just as our long term care residents benefit from the presence of a vibrant, on-site sub-acute rehabilitation program, and from the sophisticated medical resources needed to run our ventilator and respiratory care unit, so the lives of our ventilator patients are enriched by the recreational and pastoral resources of our long term care program.

Our Ventilator Care teams are led by Board Certified Pulmonologists and are focused on taking an aggressive, multi-disciplinary approach to ventilator rehabilitation. Each team’s superior clinical expertise enables them to design individualized respiratory health plans that fit within each patient’s comprehensive, physical, occupational and speech therapy treatment programs. In some cases these physician-directed programs are focused on reducing or liberating a patient’s dependence on a ventilator for breathing. In other cases, the programs are designed to provide optimum care for patients with complex ventilator requirements due to respiratory failure resulting from injury, neurological disorders or pulmonary disease.

Home to the largest chronic ventilator units for seniors in the state of Michigan, Riverview Jefferson is setting the standard for the care of ventilator-dependent patients. People in need of long term care, rehabilitation services, or ventilator and respiratory care are quite naturally interested to know how well the campus performs in reducing the needs of their residents. Family members charged with supervising the extended care needs of a loved-one can be particularly perplexed when trying to decide upon which senior community they can place their trust. Contact Riverview Jefferson to learn how our ventillation services, commitment to safety and high quality care, contribute to our success in our mission of caring for you and your loved ones.