The Wellness Center

Medical Center"The Wellness Center" is a unique environment within the Riverview Jefferson complex that brings comfort and efficiency together for the medical evaluation and treatment of our residents. The Center is, in effect, a well equipped medical office building office to which residents come for comprehensive "outpatient" type care.

Under the direction of a dedicated Medical Service Coordinator, the Center welcomes specialists from a variety of disciplines. These practitioners are able to more efficiently serve the Riverview Jefferson population because of the coordination the Center and its staff provide. Doctors need not seek out residents within the complex, but know that their patients will be awaiting them in the Center, and that all pertinent medical information will have been assembled for each visit. Residents, as well, greatly enjoy what the Center provides. Its clean and modern design present a new surrounding and a new "set of faces" in the patient's daily routine. The ability to "go to see the doctor" at their office mimics times of greater independence and fosters a comforting sense that all is well.