Individual Care

Individual CareRiverview North will provide its residents with upscale living options, offering peace of mind and security while maintaining all the familiar comforts of home. Our community will give residents a lifestyle free from the worries of home maintenance, housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation in a safe and secure environment. 

At Riverview North we ensure that our staff have the knowledge and experience to understand the individual and participate with them in their care and support as part of the Riverview family. Our Team joins with residents to find ways to make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

In the case of Alzheimer's Disease, related dementia or memory care issues, by understanding an individual's 'signals' and introducing a regular toileting routine, simple adjustments to the bathroom and the use of personal products can also promote independence. Agitation, aggression, and even violent behavior may accompany other symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease and related Dementias. Again, understanding the individual (and the disease), identifying activities or events that are distressing and reducing or eliminating these can encourage appropriate behavior and support independence. These often relate to eating, bathing, grooming, toileting, sleeping, and socialization. Timing, adjustment of lighting and noise, and the use of language, including the tone of voice can all be used by the qualified professional to reduce distress and agitation. At Riverview North we work closely with the individual's physician, other health care professionals, and the family to develop an individualized plan to address all of these areas.

We have a price range and the cost for our services will depend on the needs of the individual receiving them. An individual with more complex health care needs and / or an individual who is unable to direct their own care will require a staff member with more knowledge and experience and the cost will be higher. We recognize that the knowledge and experience of our staff members is very important in providing our residents with the best quality support. You will benefit from the services of a professional who is qualified to meet the needs of the individual receiving them.

A Registered Nurse will do an initial assessment to identify risk factors and develop a Care Plan, as well as provide ongoing supervision for the Personal Support Workers. At Riverview North we carefully assess the needs of each individual and match them with a qualified Personal Support Work, who can best meet their needs in terms of personality, language, and culture. Other health care professionals are employed (or requested through the local Community Care Access Center (CCAC) as required to meet individual needs.

A comprehensive record is kept in the individual's home and all of the activities carried out by the PSW are recorded. These include bathing, grooming, and toileting, etc., as well as the recording of Vital Signs and Intake and Output as required. A complete nutritional record is kept for all individuals. Additional records to track and assess behavior are included if required. This record is available for you to read at any time. You will receive weekly written reports. A Registered Nurse is available by telephone at any time and makes reassessment visits monthly, or more often if warranted, for individuals receiving full time service. At Riverview North we maintain complete and accurate records of all care provided and the client's response.