Compassionate End of Life Care

Curing illness is the focus of traditional medical care, even when a person's condition is known to be terminal. In the past, little attention was paid to relieve suffering and compassionate care of the dying. Riverview Jefferson provides a hospice care program in collaboration with local health care professionals so that the residents can enjoy the benefits of being with the people they love and sharing in the warmth of daily life, even as life's end nears.

When an eligible individual has been identified, the Riverview Jefferson End of Life care team meets with the family to create an individual, customized care plan for that resident's needs. Services can include one-on-one home-health care and a range of services for the resident and family.

Provision is always made for:

  • Comfort: Nurses work with doctors to evaluate and manage any pain and other symptoms.
  • Choice: Peoples wishes, values and cultural beliefs are respected
  • Support: Chaplains and social workers provide emotional support while dietitians and physical therapists contribute their expertise.