Care for You

Your doctor is recommending surgery. You have been told you cannot go home right away, but will need inpatient therapy and nursing care. Where do you go? How do you decide?

We invite you to come in and tour our communities. Meet our staff. Talk with our Clinical, Rehabilitation and Admission teams. Observe our compassionate care. See our excellent clinical outcomes. Hear our success stories.

At Riverview Health, our goal is to help you achieve your highest level of independence. We work with you, your doctor, and your loved ones so you can return home as quickly as possible.

Care For Your Loved One

Your loved one has had a stroke or another health crisis. You have just left the hospital where you were told that your loved one is not ready to go home. They need additional medical care and you have less than 48 hours to make a decision. Where do you go? How do you decide?

Your first priority is to find a location where your loved one can receive the care they need. Is IV antibiotic required? Is IV feeding (TPN) required? Is specialized dementia or Alzheimer’s programming needed? Riverview Health provides post hospital care for these conditions as well as for individuals recovering from stroke, surgery, and debilitating diseases.

Your second priority is to find a location that is convenient for you and your loved ones to visit. Riverview Health has communities and campuses throughout Southeast Michigan. Click here for a listing of Our Communities.

Your third priority is to feel comfortable with the staff who will be taking care of your loved one. The Riverview Health's staff is warm, friendly and compassionate. Our mission goes beyond the physical to the spiritual, emotional, and social aspect of life. We are here to assist you and your loved one with this transition.

Your fourth priority is food. Is the food good? Will your loved one have to eat in their room on a tray or is community dining provided? Good tasting food is important to our residents and it is important to us. Trained chefs along with registered dieticians head up our Riverview Health’s culinary teams, creating good food, resident driven menus, and pleasant dining experiences. Residents are encouraged to eat in our dining rooms where they can socialize with other residents.

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